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It is recommended that all vehicles receive annual servicing. This is to ensure that the car remains safe and roadworthy.  Regular servicing ensures any components which have worn and degraded over time can be replaced or repaired.


With every annual vehicle service we always change the oil and filter. This reduces the wear on engine components and maintains engine efficiency.  


We offer a flexible service tailored to you. We take the time to get to know all our customers and their vehicles.

At Speedymech Garage Services our highly skilled team of mechanics are experienced in carrying out services for almost all makes and models of vehicles. We offer the most competitive prices in Waterlooville, Denmead and surrounding Hampshire areas.


Our garage is fully equipped with a full range of diagnostic equipment to carry out all services and resolve any issues that may arise. We always make sure every service is cost effective. Our mechanics are honest and reliable and will only replace or repair what is important to keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy unless specified.

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023 9226 1414

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Annual servicing tailored to your vehicle

 •  Saves you money

 •  Prevents breakdowns

 •  Increases vehicle safety

 •  Makes your fuel last longer

 •  Keeps you within legal requirements

 •  Pass your MOT


Whether you need simple brake repairs or more complicated engine diagnostics, Speedymech Garage Services can help you.

Why service your vehicle?

Our servicing can help your vehicle pass its MOT. Servicing your vehicle before it is due its annual MOT ensures cost effectiveness and saves you money.  

We can also arrange MOTs for you.


Stuck for time? We understand people have busy lifestyles and often have little time to take their car for its MOT. We can arrange to collect and deliver your car for its MOT at no extra cost for your convenience.

Help your car pass its MOT

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