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Brake disc

Every driver and vehicle owner knows how important the clutch is to driving a car. The clutch on your car can be easily worn through general wear and tear, time and driving styles.  This is typically when the clutch needs replacing.  


It is important to keep an eye on any changes with your vehicle that may indicate a new clutch is needed. These include grinding or rattling when changing gears and difficulty when changing gears.  


At Speedymech we provide free, expert advice about your clutch. We can carry out initial assessments regarding any concerns you may have with your clutch.

Brakes are the most important safety system in your car. It is essential that they are fully functioning. We recommend that they are regularly inspected, replaced or repaired where necessary. Faulty or dis-functioning brakes can cost you your life.


We recommend that you get your brakes checked if you are going on a long journey and if you have any concerns about their performance.


Efficient, effective brakes can not only save your life but they affect the running and costs of your vehicle. More efficient brakes can reduce your braking time saving on fuel costs.

Brake servicing, repairs and replacement

Book your vehicle in for a brake or clutch assessment today.

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Clutch servicing, repairs and replacement

At Speedymech Garage Services we have been established for over 21 years and between our skilled team of mechanics have many more years’ experience in the motoring trade.


Our expert team can advise you of the best and most cost-effective resolutions to any of your concerns regarding your vehicle's brakes or clutch.

Expert Motoring Advice

Our experienced team of mechanics are also available for service, repair or replacement of any other part of your vehicle that may be causing you concern.

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