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A car air-conditioning controls and radio

It is recommended that air-conditioning systems are re-gassed every 2 years. This is usually not part of a vehicle service so we find it is often overlooked.


Re-gassing your vehicle air-conditioning is important to keep the system running effectively and efficiently. We can guarantee your air-conditioning will be cooler after our quick re-gas services.

In the summer months many vehicle owners rely fully on their air-conditioning to keep them cool.


If you car's air-conditioning isn't as cool or strong as it used to be, it may need repairs, re-gassing or replacement. At Speedymech we provide these services for vehicles of all makes and models.  

Air-conditioning repairs & re-gassing

Get your air-conditioning summer ready with our repair, replacement and re-gas services.

023 9226 1414

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Air-conditioning re-gas

Vehicle air-conditioning servicing can help get your vehicle back to the comfortable, cooling temperature you are used to.


It also indicates any faults in your systems such as leaks. It can get rid of a build-up of bacteria in your system which can cause bad odours through cleaning and removal of any moisture present.

Air-conditioning service

We can provide excellent quality air-conditioning service and advice for your vehicle at the most competitive prices in Waterlooville, Denmead and surrounding Hampshire areas.

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Air-conditioning services for your vehicle

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